“Hops and Tales - A brewery smuggled into a winery”

Located in the beautiful grounds of Cassegrain Estate the brewery shares production and bottling space with the winery. During vintage the smells/aromas of fermenting grapes coupled with malt and hops is mesmerising.

The brewery needed a name that was fun and represented our love of games, beer, and the inevitable stories that follow. Hops and Tales, derived from loosely Head and Tails, captures this essence perfectly.

The brewhouse is constructed of “re-purposed” tanks that were found in the long grass of the winery, discarded and unloved. They now have a new lease of live and generally spend their days happily steeping grain and boiling wort.

Drinkers are not the only ones to benefit from the beer. The cows next door love the weekly grain installment, carried lovingly across from the brewery doors in the bucket of a tractor by the farmer. The spent hops are used to fertilise the rose beds around the winery, offering passers by both a visual and aromatic treat.

We’d love you to come visit and experience the awesomeness that is living and working in regional New South Wales.